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Charles RAYNOR (1867- )

Name: Charles RAYNOR
Father: James RAYNOR (1835-1871)
Mother: Louisa SINFIELD (1834-1921)
Leonard Raynor's: uncle

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 10 Mar 1867 Portland, Dorset1,2
Baptism 21 Apr 1867 St John The Baptist Church, Fortuneswell, Portland, Dorset1,3
Residence 21 Apr 1867 Verne Barracks, Portland, Dorset3
Residence frm 9 Sep 1874 to 12 Mar 1881 Royal Military Asylum for Children of Soldiers of the Regular Army, Chelsea, London4
Charles was sent to the RMA, just over 3 years after elder brother Thomas. There was just under 4 years when both Charles and Thomas were at the RMA at the same time as each other but whether they were able to spend time together as brothers (or even knew who each other was) we do not know.

The transcript of the RMA registers states that Charles was discharged from them aged 14 on the 12 March 1880 but it is likely there is an error somewhere. Charles joined the Army on the 12 March 1881 and it would seem unlikely that he spent exactly 1 year not in the RMA and not with the Army either. The Army records also show that Charles was 14 when he joined up which he would have been in 1881. The assumption is therefore that Charles was at the RMA until 1881 not 1880.
Enlisted (Military) 12 Mar 1881 Westminster Police Court, London5
Physical Description 12 Mar 1881 4 ft 6 in tall, flush complexion, brown hair and hazel eyes, chest size 27 inches.5
Marks/Scars (Military) 12 Mar 1881 scar over right brow; tattooed an anchor C.L. on right, R.3.54 on left forearm, R between left thumb and forefinger, spot on right, 2 rings on back of fingers. 5
Military Rank 12 Mar 1881 Lad5
Military Regiment 12 Mar 1881 19th Brigade, Royal Artillery5
Military Service No. 12 Mar 1881 24905
Posted (Military) 22 Aug 1881 Ballymullen Barracks, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland5
Education 29 Sep 1881 3rd Class Army Certificate of Education5
Military Rank 22 Oct 1881 Drummer5
Hospitalised frm 1 Jul 1882 to 16 Jul 1882 a wound5
Hospitalised frm 6 Aug 1882 to 10 Aug 1882 bronchitis5
Education 6 Oct 1882 2nd Class Army Certificate of Education5
Posted (Military) 11 Oct 1883 Whittington Barracks, Lichfield, Staffordshire5
Posted (Military) 10 Oct 1884 Salford Barracks, Lancashire5
Hospitalised frm 4 May 1885 to 4 Jun 1885 sublingual cyst5
Posted (Military) 24 Aug 1885 Weedon Barracks, Northamptonshire5
Hospitalised frm 18 Apr 1886 to 23 Apr 1886 infected glands5
Military Rank 13 Aug 1886 Private5
Hospitalised frm 26 Oct 1886 to 11 Nov 1886 gonorrhoea5
Posted (Military) 15 Aug 1887 Woolwich Barracks, Greenwich, London5
Military Service No. 15 Aug 1887 624185
Missing (Military) frm 23 Oct 1888 to 1 Nov 18885
Charles went AWOL (absent without leave). He was held awaiting trial from the 2nd to the 11th November 1888 and was then imprisoned from the 12th to the 21st November and fined 7s 6d. Hope the 9 days off were worth the fine and 20 days total incarceration!
Hospitalised frm 11 Feb 1889 to 23 Feb 1889 synovitis5
Military Rank 1 Jul 1889 Gunner5
Military Regiment 1 Jul 1889 47th Field Artillery5
Posted (Military) 26 Jul 1889 Aldershot Garrison, Hampshire5
Census 5 Apr 1891 Aldershot Garrison, Hampshire6
Military Rank 5 Apr 1891 Gunner6
Posted (Military) 6 Oct 1891 Fermoy Barracks, County Cork, Ireland5
Hospitalised frm 7 Mar 1892 to 29 Mar 1892 wound (left shin, kick from horse)5
Discharged (Military) 11 Mar 1893 Fermoy Barracks, County Cork, Ireland
He was discharged after 12 years service exactly. No note is made of it being discharged at his own request (as was the case with Thomas) all that is said is "Termination of 1st Period" so I suspect the Army decided they didn't want Charles to serve any longer than necessary. This is supported by the description of Charles' character on discharge as "Bad" in his service record.
Census 31 Mar 1901 39 Fell Croft, Dalton in Furness, Lancashire7
Occupation 31 Mar 1901 iron ore miner7


Spouse Margaret McDonald BERWICK (1873- )
Children Gladys Janet RAYNOR (1902- )
Marriage 1895 Keighley, Yorkshire8


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