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Leonard Michael RAYNOR (1919-1997)


Leonard Michael RAYNOR

Name: Leonard Michael RAYNOR
Nickname: Len
Father: Thomas RAYNOR (1864-1930)
Mother: Susan GRAHAM (1874-1947)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 23 May 1919 Ellerslie Terrace, Gosforth, Cumberland1,2
Residence 1 Jul 1919 Ellerslie Terrace, Gosforth, Cumberland1
First communion 21 Dec 1930 St Mary's Catholic Church, Cleator, Cumberland3,4
Grace Gallagher (his cousin, daughter of Elizabeth Graham and Daniel Gallagher) gave Leonard a Communion Card to mark the occassion.
Occupation 31 Oct 1945 H.M. Forces5
Residence 31 Oct 1945 21 Grayson Road, Little Hulton, Lancashire5
Residence 14 May 1946 3 Ellerslie Terrace, Gosforth, Cumberland6
Occupation 14 May 1946 grocer's assistant6
Residence 1949 3 Ellerslie Terrace, Gosforth, Cumberland7
Occupation 17 Sep 1949 Branch Manager; Co-operative Society, Beckermet, Cumberland8
With a weekly wage of £6.9.6d
Residence 12 May 1955 8 The Crescent, Egremont, Cumberland9
Occupation 12 May 1955 Grocery Manager, Co-operative Society9
Registered Death 12 May 1955 wife Abigail Raynor9
Occupation 20 Oct 1962 Grocery Manager, Co-operative Society10
Residence 20 Oct 1962 8 The Crescent, Egremont, Cumberland10
Possessions 11 Jul 1963 a Hotpoint Washer priced at £65.2s.0d11
on hire purchase from Egremont Industrial Co-operative Society. Len paid a deposit of £6.11s.0d and the weekly repayment was 12s.6d from the 20 July 1963.
Residence 11 Jul 1963 8 The Crescent, Egremont, Cumberland11
Occupation 3 Dec 1966 Shop Buyer12
Occupation 6 May 1978 Cloth Inspector, Textile Works13
Residence 6 May 1978 8 The Crescent, Egremont, Cumbria13
Registered Death 8 May 1978 wife Pauline Raynor13
Occupation 29 May 1997 retired Cloth Inspector14
Residence 29 May 1997 16 Woodbank, Egremont, Cumbria14
Death 29 May 1997 The River Ehen, Egremont, Cumbria14
Funeral Jun 1997 St Mary Church, St Bridget`s Lane, Egremont, Cumbria
Wake Jun 1997 Egremont Catholic Men's Club, St Bridget's Lane, Egremont, Cumbria
Burial Jun 1997 Egremont Cemetery, North Road, Egremont, Cumbria15,16
Inquest 18 Aug 199714
John C Taylor, Coroner for Western Division of Cumbria
Probate 17 Oct 1997 Manchester17

Marriage (1)


Family of Leonard Michael RAYNOR and Abigail MORGAN

Spouse Abigail MORGAN (1916-1955)
Children Kathleen Susan RAYNOR
Marriage 31 Oct 1945 St James Church, New Bury, Farnworth, Lancashire5,18,19
Len's age was recorded as 33, he was really 26 and Abigail's age was recorded as 28, it was actually her 29th birthday.

Marriage (2)

Spouse Pauline Elizabeth DOHERTY (1939-1978)
Children Patricia Ann RAYNOR
Paul Michael RAYNOR
Leonard Anthony RAYNOR
Peter Allan RAYNOR
Marriage 20 Oct 1962 St Mary's Catholic Church, St Bridget's Lane, Egremont, Cumberland10,18


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