Leonard Michael Raynor's Family

For them that's interested, here's what I have discovered so far about Grandad's/Father Len's family. It is not complete (it never will be) but as Mother told you all it was ready last Christmas, I figured it was about time I put something up although I haven't got everything in the one file yet I think I have got something about all the key ancestors in place. I will update it as and when I find additional information, have photographs to add etc and can find the time.

The layout is not pretty as it is generated automatically from the family history software I'm using but it is quick. Hand-coding the pages to my preferred design would take weeks if not months. But it does show how everyone is related to Len and if they are a twin - we have a couple of sets.

For the tree and in the interests of privacy, I have assumed that anyone born after 1930 is still living unless there is information to say otherwise. Anyone classed as living and related to Leonard, is in the tree but only their name and how related to others. If your name (or your child's) appears and you don't want it to, let me know and I will change it to Private.

Any errors or ommissions are mine entirely and if you spot something, let me know and I'll correct it.

There are some quick links to ancestor's pages below plus a couple of family trees. You can also use the Index in the menu bar to see the names of all those featured in the tree.

Love you all




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